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My real estate passions are (1) Your experience advocate helping you avoid foreclosure.  (2) A caring heart to attend to your senior living needs. (3) Guiding investors toward building Wealth and Income.

I am a person that truly cares about your well being.  I will do everything possible to have you avoid a foreclosure.  My experience with short sales goes all the way back to the year 2007.  Through the worst of the housing crash I helped many home owners avoid foreclosure by successfully completing a short sale.  Even today in 2017 there are many home owners struggling to maintain their financial and personal obligations.  If you have reached a point of hopelessness or see yourself reaching that point please call on me.  Reach me at (850) 554-9543 or at [email protected]

I look forward to being an advocate for our Pensacola area senior citizens.  Currently I am enrolled in the Certified Senior Housing Professional curriculum.  It is well worth the effort to gain the knowledge so that I may help you or a loved one with a senior living arrangement.  My advocacy for seniors will include holding monthly seminars with special guest panels to give you actionable information.

Finally taking care of my clients by giving them good methodical information about investing is extremely important to me.  Discussing the goals for investing with my clients is very exciting.  Going to a closing on a Pensacola Flip this House is truly a harvest for my clients.  Finding the right investment is knowing what to buy and perhaps more importantly, knowing what not to buy.  

Writing this gets me excited about my professional practice.

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Jack Lara
Jack Lara